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Human Nature

It’s human nature to stop a dripping tap

It’s human nature to flush nutrients out to sea

It’s human nature to straighten the river’s path

It’s human nature to flatten nature’s pastures

It’s human nature to use it all up

It’s natures way to constantly drip

It’s nature’s way to compost and return to soil

It’s nature’s way to alway’s curve

It’s nature’s way to create contours

It’s nature’s way to always have left over

So which world do you want to live in?


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Molesworth Desert

These lands are carefully maintained

no crytogram in sight

The cattle roam and trample

all the wet land trying to re-generate

wet-lands are compacted into dry bog land

What’s left then

Briar rose, broom and Wilding Pine?

No sorry poisioned out by 3 yearly aerial spray


No sorry poisoned bait – gets the Ferrets too

This is our water collection point


This prime horticultural land

Well it could be

minus the cattle and poison

Complain to the management?

Take it to Government?

No wait the management is the government

We’re screwed!!



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If you wish to practice spotting landforms then I reccommend a trip through the Awatere, Molesworth and out at Hanmer.

Due to the efforts of Doc and cattle and sheep beasts you can clearly see the land forms.

What once was covered with forests, cleared by Moa hunters by burning and early european farmers also by burning is now bare baren land that they are trying to raise cattle on.

To quote DOC ” The land was gradually restored to good health under careful management that included rabbit control, revegetation and the replacement of sheep with cattle.”

The farming operations target as weeds briar, broom and wilding pines.   Ferret traps laced with cyanide were dotted along the road as well as dead ferrets. There are at the moment plenty of Falcons in the area – at least for now.

And yet in amongst all this bareness there is one run holder that is intelligent – just look for the green!

And now nature is trying to re-generate the pines from Hanmer are self seeding through the valley over to the outskirts of Molesworth ststion

But there is still a lot of —-

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Just what is it that we have achieved?

This was just a paddock when we got it

Just look around

What has changed?

We have a house, a shed

a garden with fruit trees

we have bees

we have planted lots and lots of trees

we can feed ourselves quite a lot of fresh stuff

Then we look across the way

and not much has changed

then we look around and see

yes there is progress

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April 2nd 2012

Have discovered a way of printing into a book my blog using Booksmart a free software programme.

Not quite discovered how to get the pages into the programme – but this makes it easy to get the recipes into book form – something that has been brewing for a year now.

Any one out there know of a way to put website pages into a book form? – Have got the blog pages but not the Pages.

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