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Meringues for mother – Mother Earth I must brew

and now I tell you how

Place your meringues into a bucket and sprinkle then it well

Fresh sawdust is the best to use or fermentation be not so good

When a pile you do have place it in a bigger bucket

collect it there and let it mull for a month  three or six

Then it will be nicely developed and can be given back to mother, Mother Earth


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My Garden

My garden is a riot

my lawn is garlic and sunflower

or is it pumpkin and herbs

I’m not sure you see

My garden tells me where it wishes to grow

Aspects of all systems – within the one

Just following natures higher order!

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Good Morning

Morning mother

Morning Mother Earth

Your art work this morning is awesome and thanks for the rain warning

Morning neddies

thanks for the nickering reply

Morning cat

thanks for the vibration but go easy on the claws

Morning  doggums

you can get up now

Morning chooks

oh ,we definitely have a rooster

Morning sheeps

you’re lookin good

and Morning bees

may your foraging be fruitful

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Floating ground

Mossy ponds

whirrling, bubbling, water

Misty breath

Rising, drifting

Oh what a sight dragon breath

As I sat upon a chair, that last night

I did indeed behold a sight, that kept me so enthralled

that a photo I did not get

A rainbow framing the teepee — framing it exactly

Twas the dragon promise — safety amongst the storm

And indeed that dusk the currents blew, upon our site anew

But in the morn

the sight aborn

the mountain top anew

SNOW —  from the dragons roar

If I had not been there  — staying in that spot

alot it was I would have missed

and that would’ve been my loss

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We are like the water – what part are you?

The swift flowing turbulent stream that shifts the rocks and obstructions

The curve in the landscape that indicates the headland

The deep pools that gather and lift

The bog flush perhaps or maybe even the river fan – I would be a fan of that!

Or perhaps the habitats relate to you

Are you like the wilding pine out to change the barren land right out there in the middle of orc country

Or perhaps more the rivers edge where nutrients are held by our mighty willows

Or are you in orc country still unaware and following the directions of the Great Orc Vast Thinkers

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Water – it dribbles, bubbles and drips

Water – it dews, mists and fogs

Water – it clouds, gathers and falls

Water – it curves, flows and wells

Water – it springs, floats and spirals

Water is the dragon – for now it breathes lightly

But oh to see the dragon roar

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