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Meringues for mother – Mother Earth I must brew

and now I tell you how

Place your meringues into a bucket and sprinkle then it well

Fresh sawdust is the best to use or fermentation be not so good

When a pile you do have place it in a bigger bucket

collect it there and let it mull for a month  three or six

Then it will be nicely developed and can be given back to mother, Mother Earth


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Good Morning

Morning mother

Morning Mother Earth

Your art work this morning is awesome and thanks for the rain warning

Morning neddies

thanks for the nickering reply

Morning cat

thanks for the vibration but go easy on the claws

Morning  doggums

you can get up now

Morning chooks

oh ,we definitely have a rooster

Morning sheeps

you’re lookin good

and Morning bees

may your foraging be fruitful

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