Just what is it that we have achieved?

This was just a paddock when we got it

Just look around

What has changed?

We have a house, a shed

a garden with fruit trees

we have bees

we have planted lots and lots of trees

we can feed ourselves quite a lot of fresh stuff

Then we look across the way

and not much has changed

then we look around and see

yes there is progress


April 2nd 2012

Have discovered a way of printing into a book my blog using Booksmart a free software programme.

Not quite discovered how to get the pages into the programme – but this makes it easy to get the recipes into book form – something that has been brewing for a year now.

Any one out there know of a way to put website pages into a book form? – Have got the blog pages but not the Pages.


Water makes a pattern

going across the land

always a wave pattern

up and down and side to side

it’s in macro as well as micro

always a wave never a straight line

you will understand then

that I have trouble following

the thought that creating a wide straight basin

would improve the river flow

Rivers are made to wander across our landscapes

building up the terraces

placing in the fine loose and silt

and playing with the rocks

providing for the vegetation

that in turn provides for us

change this to a straight line and then watch

all the soils and vegetation going on straight out to sea







This place is abundant with tissues,


loo paper

candle wick

a infusion good for coughs 

leaves in hot vinegar good for skin irritations

How many of you can see what nature gives to you

Nothing is quite as good as the early morning flannel

fresh with the morning dew




Sleepers you must awaken

for the time is drifting on

Time to look around you

did you notice the regolith 

did you notice the effect on the aqifers

There is a big connection

The orcs they have been drilling deep into earth

the very ancient forests, it is they want to find

They drill their holes and blast a dragon spring deep within the ground

Extremely toxic poison they use to blast the hole

which of couse seeps on through to all our ground water

Next on up,  pump on out – all of the water, toxic stuff and all

A hole created changes pressures and up comes all the gases

Water being water will find the lowest point

Poisoned ground then we get, followed by vegetation

we are next

Nature’s way is nature’s way

even if words are different

time it takes, before the evidence is apparent

Orcs don’t stop at one or two

they get in a frenzy and plan 400,000

High time it is -wake up, oh sleeper

we are being sold asleep to the highest bidder

Not enough

Not enough water —————— what do you mean?

There is plenty around you, just have a look about

You want more, then drip it and it will multiply

Stop it and it will dwindle is then my reply

For by increasing the flow you spread it

and stopping the flow, decrease it

Just look around you

And see



Drip  drip

let it flow about

drip drip for then it will abound

drip drip, plants it then will find and give

dribble dribble an adundance of growth and fruits


It all started with a drip

the drip became the two

and then became a flow

which trickled along the ground.

Three months it took before the drip, became a wet strip in the ground

And now a year along the track, a green belt has appeared

With plum and pear and apple tree, abundantly supply, lots of fruit

The flax plants are now quite tall, forming shelter to the north

so now the nor’ west wind cannot whistle thru

now there is lots of stuff that I can weave with

 flax and willow and water

Just where will this lead to? I’m not sure I know!